It’s merger mania, with SPACs, RTOs, mergers, and more

It’s hard to ship a newsletter when the deals keep getting wilder!

Subversive SPACtions:

First off, before we forget Subversive in all the news, it’s still very worth talking about. The new company (the somewhat generally named “The Parent Company”) touts “a vertically integrated platform that includes cultivation, manufacturing…

Jason Weinberger (President, Strike 2) shares key takeaways from ebbu’s rebrand

NuRange Coffee’s founders think it might be the key to a perfect brew.

Can a bold vision and cutting-edge facility make Six Labs synonymous with Michigan cannabis?

Can you provide some background on your personal path to cannabis? What led you to start Six Labs?

Joe Ori, Six Labs Co-Founder, General Counsel and Government Relations

CULTA’s Wholesale Director Jared Miller shares on how their vertical cannabis business is thriving in Maryland

What does it take to excel as CULTA has in the Maryland market? What do you see as unique to Maryland?

CULTA was founded by Maryland natives in 2015 to focus on craft cannabis and cannabis concentrates. We partnered with some well-established growers from Colorado and the rest is history.

How does CULTA think about building new partnerships with companies in relation to its own brands?

It’s all about synergy, communication, and alignment. Finding other like-minded teams to build relationships with is the best place to start.

CULTA just successfully launched a partnership with Cookies, one of California’s top cannabis brands. How were you involved in that? How has the market received it?

Could coronavirus… create canna-jobs?

1. During A Recession, Cannabis = “Vice + Medicine”

Historically, the industries that are viewed as cannabis’ closest comparisons — alcohol and healthcare — are considered recession-resistant. In the financial crisis in 2008, the U.S. saw prescription drug cost inflation ranging from 3 — 5% during and after the downturn. Similarly, we believe that the cannabis industry will perform well during an economic downturn and continue its rapid growth.

Canix CEO Stacey Hronowski wants to help compress canna-costs while conquering compliance with a modern ERP

What led you to start Canix? What pain points did you see?

Very Scarce founder Steve Weiner shares on Humboldt’s heritage and craft cannabis’ future

Perhaps contrary to some people’s expectations, there’s a fairly strong representation of veterans in cannabis. How did you end up working in cannabis?

As with a lot of people, I experimented with cannabis personally in high school (sorry if you’re reading this Mom and Dad). Unlike most, however, I had to give it up, full stop, when I went to the Naval Academy and spent the next 10 years as an active member of the military.

“Radioactive material’s track-and-trace system, pound-for-pound, is almost identical to cannabis (although the Navy version was perhaps administered better).”

My “adult”…

Tanisha Robinson is leveraging her unique background in entrepeneurship, beer and more to craft a distinctive CBD beverage

The CBD beverage space is quickly crowding with different concepts, but few brands boast a founder with a resume like yours. Can you tell me about your early career?

I’m a U.S. army veteran, where I served as an Arabic linguist before getting into entrepeneurship. I’ve been building businesses ever since — built some tech stuff and e-commerce companies, and I’ve even burned a few things to the ground.

Leaf Trade’s strategy: stay focused and follow their customers’ lead


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