Will the Gary Vaynerchuk of cannabis please stand up!

Photo by Jeff Standley

The cannabis industry is in desperate need of a new spokesperson much like Gary Vaynerchuk was for the wine industry back in 2009 when he started Wine Library TV.

Much like the wine industry was just a couple of decades ago, the cannabis industry has an image problem that is keeping people away. Not only because of the “stoner” image typically associated with it, but it’s also out of fear of seeming ignorant in an unfamiliar world. With the cannabis industry growing exponentially, and as more states begin to legalize, people are starting to learn that there is much more to cannabis than just a plant that you smoke. New comers to this world are starting to hear words like sativa, indica, hybrids, concentrates, dab, and just like someone new to wine, hearing the words merlot, riesling, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay, eyes start to glaze and they realize they’re way out their element. 
This is exactly why a new cannabis ambassador is in desperate need. Just as Gary did with Wine Library TV, the stage is set and waiting for someone to take the spotlight and bring a new education to the masses.

Cannabis, much like wine is unbelievably varied, with each strain bringing you something new from the color, to its scents, the feeling when consumed, how it’s consumed, and the various effects from different strains for different activities. There are numerous things to take into account when searching out the perfect strain and with nearly 800 listed on Leafly it is hard to know what would be best for you and what would best suit you and your needs.

A quick search on Youtube will reveal numerous people already doing reviews on cannabis but it is usually done by a the stoner sub culture that does not represent the masses. Much like the wine industry years ago, if you were not a member of this group you instantly felt out of place and knew they were not speaking to you. The reviews you will find on Youtube will also not go much deeper than, “This shit is fire!” leaving much to be desired by someone who doesn’t know what that means.

The world is ready for a new type of cannabis reviewer, it’s actually begging for it. Someone that can speak for the every person and let them know what they can expect when they go to sample Sour Diesel or Bubba Kush. A proper education on why one may be better for you than the other for your first time. This type of reviewer will no doubt happen at some point, but if you want to hit the market before it truly explodes then the time is now.

There are a couple of people and companies who are starting to take this seriously and promote this industry with a little more professionalism like NWCS425 and Bess Byers and their strain profile videos. These videos are a perfect small glimpse of what could be done. They are a great start to showing cannabis in a new light and could be expanded to show so much more. They are professional, honest, highlight cannabis in a way that speaks to everyone and completely removes any trace of the stoner image that most have. These videos could easily be expanded much like episodes of Wine Library TV. Each strain could be reviewed from the color right down to the effects and activities best used for and really educate people to this new world.

I really hope Bess and the team at NWCS425 keep doing the strain videos. They are step in the right direction and could really open up this industry to a curious new audience.

This is a serious industry and needs to be handled as such.

Jeff with Cannabusiness Washington