Hello Weed.

This title makes perfect sense to me as a long time nerd and short time cannabis smoker. Since this is my first article on Medium I thought “Hello Weed” appropriate.

I have been smoking cannabis daily for about 2 years now and I thought I would share my experience. Specifically, how it has helped me become better in ways I never though possible. Certainly not at my age of 56 and also a Type 2 Diabetic.

First, I’d like to speak to the stoner myth of over-eating due to the munchies as I have experienced it. It is true that I do have a better appetite, however, my sense of taste and smell are also much more acute. As a result junk food now tastes “chemically” and too salty or sweet. Since real food tastes so much better, my strategy is to stock my house with fruit and vegetables. I’m always happier with an apple or orange over any other junk food snack.

As a result of being able to greatly decrease my junk food habit I have lost weight. About 30 pounds so far, although I’d like to lose more, I am happy that my weight has stabilized and my Diabetes is much better.

I am a life long migraine sufferer and I’ve lost countless hours and days to the pain and nausea that accompanies this chronic condition. Just knowing that relief is only a joint away has given me the ability to grow personally and professionally. My life is no longer dictated by chronic pain and I am so grateful to be able to function without the constant fear of being ill.

Probably the best thing to come of my cannabis conversion is being able to sleep, right through until the a.m. I hadn’t been able to do that for years.

Through all of these effects combined I feel better than I have in my adult life. I realize that I am very lucky that my ailments were due mostly to bad diet and lack of regular physical activity. I don’t smoke tobacco and I no longer drink. Cannabis is my only medicine these days and it meets all of my needs. I hope that the research is done soon to quantify what I and so many others have experienced.

There are many more subtle changes that I can’t quantify like my weight loss. Here are a few:

I listen to people fully. I’m learning again. I feel less discombobulated. It’s easier for me to focus. Best of all, I’ve shut down the ambient negativity in my head. I don’t feel the need to judge people. If I do judge, I don’t feel the need to share my opinion, unless it’s asked for.

Like any new medication it took some getting used to but I have a routine and it works well for me. I don’t medicate until the end of the work day but before I make dinner. I love to cook high. Then I just smoke whatever and how much I feel like until bedtime. I sleep like baby and wake up relaxed and ready to start the day.

Thanks Weed, you’re the best!