CanBud Distribution Corp and CannaProve Commence Implementation

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — November 5, 2019

CannaProve Inc.
Nov 5 · 2 min read

CannaProve is pleased to announce that we have started our implementation of an innovative solution with CanBud Distribution Corp (CBD Corp) to track their products’ provenance and compliance from “seed to sale.”

The CannaProve solution provides full provenance across the entire CBD Corp supply chain, from cultivation of cannabis clones to processing into medical grade CBD products. The solution leverages the CannaProve Hyperledger Fabric network to form the backbone of integrations to the various software packages along the supply chain.

“We are really excited to be implementing the comprehensive CannaProve solution so that we can track provenance of our products,” said Robert Tjandra, President CBD Corp. “The solution will allow us to prove the quality in all of our clones across the supply chain, while demonstrating full transparency to our stakeholders.”

To expedite the software implementation’s go-live in Ontario, CannaProve and CBD Corp. were awarded a grant from the Provincial Government. With many data inputs from both softwares and IoT/sensors, the implementation demonstrates just how transparent cannabis companies will need to become to gain trust with consumers. CannaProve also was the recent recipient of a Blockchain industry award, having been recognized for our innovations with blockchain and IoT,

“The CannaProve team is really excited to be implementing with CBD Corp to track CBD Corp’s specific clones, their compliance to regulations and providing visibility to buyers that what they are buying is valid.” — Duncan Cameron, co-founder of CannaProve.

About CannaProve, Inc. — CannaProve is the recognized leader in solutions that empowers trust and knowledge across the global cannabis industry. CannaProve was founded on principles of improving life quality through the adoption of cannabis and all its derived health and wellness benefits. CannaProve proprietary software platforms offer a user-rich, simple to implement experience that enables cannabis supply chain participants to be agile and responsive to turbulent markets, while capturing maximum value. To learn more, visit

About CanBud Distribution Corp. (CBD) — CBD is a Science and Technology based vertically integrated global hemp CBD and Cannabis clone to consumer corporation. CBD aims to execute the strategy and tactic fast and right, positioning the company for “Cannabis 2.0” with Science and Technology based development from clone to consumer. CBD has its proprietary clonal system to allow fast and cost-effective production of clones for its agro plantation as well as for its joint venture partners. CBD is also working to develop super strain/super mother plants as well as innovative cannabinoid products and delivery systems organically and through partnerships.

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