I am ready to do the hard work

This past Tuesday, my family and I attended the National Night Out event in Lubbock’s Guadalupe Park. I want to start by thanking Lala Chavez for planning the event and inviting my campaign. We had a great evening filled with music, food, prizes, and camaraderie between the community and LPD. I want to thank everyone who stopped by our table and cleared out our stock of t-shirts and yard signs. Don’t worry. We have more on the way.

As my staff and I were passing out these signs with my campaign logo to enthusiastic supporters, we realized we all recently made the same observation: no one has signs supporting my opponent. If you drive around Lubbock, Abilene, Muleshoe, and Brownfield, you’ll see plenty of signs supporting my campaign. Yet, my opponent remains nameless.

Another frustrating aspect of my opponent is the fact that his campaign will not coordinate with my staff about having a debate. We’ve asked for dates. We’ve offered dates. We made sure our suggestions were during the Congressional recess. Yet he stays silent. But, if you look on Facebook, you’ll find that he will be in Lubbock tomorrow to attend an event held in his honor.

My opponent has made clear that he feels entitled to his office. He does not believe he should work for the community or communicate with anyone other than avid fans. Even if our current representative was running unopposed, he should take the time to go out in the community, thank his neighbors for their support, and listen to their struggles and concerns. Rather, he believes he should be thanked and honored for living in DC and actively voting against the interest of his constituents.

This is not the leadership West Texas needs. West Texas needs a congressman ready to serve. West Texas needs a representative willing to listen. West Texas needs a candidate willing to work.

I am ready to work for you. I am ready to hear your complaints, not just your compliments. I am ready to give you the credit for putting me in office, not assume it is my birthright. I am ready to be Congressman Levario for Texas District 19!