Want to make change? Join the crowd.

Glenn Canyon, Utah

Change! People talk about it all the time. They want to change a company, change an organization, change themselves.

Here’s a great story about change from a lady in my mastermind group. Her husband (let’s call him Mick) was hired to consult a company that was trying to figure out how to keep from bleeding money from an assembly line. Numbers were crunched, frameworks were consulted, recommendations were made. Management was dubious that the changes could be made. It could have ended there, as it so often does.

It’s at this point that something different happens. Mick goes down to the line, and starts working. He doesn’t work on the people, he works with them. He stands on the assembly line and gets his hands dirty.

Then something crazy happens. The change that was recommended, starts happening.


The change had to come from the employees, not from the top. Mick gained their trust first. Then the suggestions and changes came, not from the nameless, faceless suit, but from the guy who worked next to you, who you trust.

People listen to people who they trust and respect. That’s not given, it’s earned. Earning something means putting in the WORK.

Work Equals Service

In my religion, there’s a similar story. (I’m a Latter Day Saint (Mormon)) Ammon is a missionary who goes to preach to the people of an enemy nation. Instead of standing in the public square and reviling sinners, he goes to the local ruler and asks how he can serve. He takes a lowly position, herding sheep. Through his service and loyalty, he gains trust and people start to listen.

So often, Work equals Service. When we serve others, we become more trustworthy, we build common ground.

What work do you need to do to build the trust you need to make the changes you need to make?

Who can you serve?

Be like Mick.

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