Step 3: More Support, Less Oversight
What Does A Classroom Without A Teacher Look Like? You’re About To Find Out.
Kaz Weida

This is so important. A big issue I’ve seen among my friends who teach in public schools, and even experienced myself teaching on the college level, is a lack of trust. For some reason, no one trusts the teachers who are with the students everyday. Teachers have gone to school, they’ve been trained. We should trust they know what they’re doing.

95% percent of teachers (I think the actual number is closer to 99% but this is my opinion, non-scientific, so I’m giving myself leeway with 95%) can tell you exactly what each student needs in order to be successful in the classroom. However, a lot of what the students’ need goes beyond the classroom like hunger or unstable home environments. No amount of oversight will help teachers fix these problems. But more trust and support might provide enough space for teachers to address or mitigate these issues.

Great article on a really important topic.