Step 3: How to Create Stunning Images for Facebook Ads Using Canva

This blog post is part 3 of a 13-part series on ’13 Steps to Becoming a Killer Facebook Ads Strategist.’ Read Part 2 Here.

There is so much to cover about creating stunning images for your Facebook Ads, but we will mainly focus on using to achieve our image goals. I do want to highlight some of my other favorite image tools and resources before we dive in deep on Canva. 
 Picmonkey is a great online image editing tool that has loads of free graphics and fonts to use. The free version gives you a lot of diversity when you are just starting out. The paid version gives you some amazing versatility when it comes to making your final images look stunning. You can save your images anywhere you like: Dropbox, Google Drive, Desktop. The downside is that it doesn’t save your images in a way that lets you edit them if you make a mistake and realize it the next day. Boo! Sometimes, I’ll create an image in Canva and then do some cool edits in Picmonkey.
 Wordswag is my favorite app when I’m on the go and need to create an image with a text overlay. In fact, one of my customers sent me an urgent event reminder, and I had to create an image while on top of Whistler Mountain. How’s that for an on-the-go tool! It is well worth the price at $3.99. Other apps I use are Whitegram and VSCO.
 There are a lot of places to get standard stock photos, but don’t go there! I’m talking about using professional stock photography from the photographers themselves. I currently have a subscription to Rosemary Watson. She is responsible for the coffee and donut image above. I pay $29.99 each month and get 20 images. Plus, you get access to all photos in the library from previous months, so I have access to over 200 at this point. This saves me time and money, and she takes suggestions if there is something more in line for my business. I encourage you to find photography subscriptions like this for your business.
 However, Canva has hundreds of free and $1 images to use for your ads, so let’s get started there!
 Why Canva?
 Canva is a great online tool for creating those stunning images like the one above. I put a turquoise rectangle on top of the image and then added text choosing from many font options. 
 As I mentioned they have free images, but you can also upload your own and use one of their fancier images for just $1!
 What I absolutely love, is that if you make a mistake or have a theme you’ve created for several images, you can log in and continue to edit each and every image you made. You’ll need to upgrade, but it is inexpensive and so well worth having this option.
 Also, they have hundreds of templates for anything you want to create. They even have a template for Facebook Ads sized properly! Yay. *Note: If you are doing a page like ad on Facebook the size requirement is going to be slightly different (1200px by 444px) than the standard ad size (1200px by 628px).
 Let’s get started on creating a stunning Facebook ad with Canva! Head over to

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Once there, you’ll see some templates right away that you can choose from. Keep in mind, you can also create a custom image by clicking on the ‘Use Custom Dimension’ tab in the top right corner. This is what you would click to create a Facebook Page Like ad using the dimensions I mentioned above. But we are going to click on the ‘plus sign’ and use the template Canva has already prepared for us called ‘Facebook Ad’ in the lower left corner.

Now we’re ready to begin making our stunning Facebook Ad.

Notice on the left-hand side there are design options, as well as a tab for uploading your own image. Also, you can see templates already designed by Canva for you to use. The free ones have a little ‘free’ icon in the lower right corner. The images that don’t, will cost $1. If your ad is taking someone to a product page where they can purchase a product, then $1 is a small price to pay to save you time while having a beautiful image.

Now you can see that I’ve chosen a free image and now all I have to do is change the text.

Canva gives me the option of changing the color, size, font and placement of the text. I think they’re design team did a good job, so I’m just going to keep everything as is, and change my text.

Now my ad is finished and I can put it in a Facebook Ads folder for when I’m ready to start creating my ad in Facebook. But let’s say I want to use my own image to promote my Summer Social Series. Let’s get rid of the palm trees and upload my own.

You can see that with the upload tab highlighted, I can choose from one of the many images to replace my ad with. I also moved over the text to make a stunning image for my ad. I like this one so I’m going to save it and use it later on in our series! But before I do, let’s make sure our ad doesn’t violate Facebook’s 20% text rule. *Note, this may change in the near future, but it’s better to be on the safe side so your ad doesn’t get rejected from having too much text. Let’s head over to ​ This will help us make sure we are in good shape to use this image for our ads.

It looks like this image ad will run normally! Woo-hoo!

Well, I hope you feel confident in creating amazing images with this helpful tool. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stop you from moving forward with your Facebook Ads Strategy! Within a couple of clicks, you will having a professional looking ad.
 Here’s something special for you. Inside the Free Resource Library, you’ll find 9 free images that you are free to download and incorporate in your Facebook Ad images. Play around with these images inside Canva and make something completely unique. It’s my gift to you! Get your free images by clicking on the button below!

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