Cannumo 2.0 is finally here — and we have a hell lot of updates!

6 min readMay 20, 2022


The day is finally here! We, at Cannumo, have been hinting at our rebrand for some quite now via our social media posts and here we have it — the proverbial water has reached its boiling point! Cannumo has reached a new form — Cannumo 2.0!

Recently, we have been slightly silent, yet adamant in our determination to bring about this new iteration of our product and service, specifically our e-shop (more on that see below). So, here is the overview of everything you need to know to keep up with this new apparent transformation.

After the first year of existence, Cannumo has displayed: (i.) a stalwart propensity for consistent and exciting marketing within our social media landscapes; (ii.) a knack for attracting industry top players around the world to become Cannumo’s partners and developmental advisors; (iii.) faithful redemption of roadmap stretch goals.

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Hence, Cannumo remains a globe-spanning cannabis ecosystem built on blockchain, it still maintains the mission of democratising the cannabis industry by providing a savvy suite of powerful tools for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Although said tools have slightly changed — they still target maximum user satisfaction. The three-pronged approach remains, as well as Cannumo’s eloquent team, which is taking cannabis to new heights.

Let us review the updated three-pronged approach to tackle the cannabis industry with the help of blockchain and crypto technologies.

Standing for Cannabis Business Dropshipping, Cannumo CBD allows Cannumo customers to become cannabis merchants. Whereas everything from seed to sale is handled by the Cannumo team on the backend, including regulations and licensing, the merchant picks a white-label Cannumo product of their choice and slaps their unique label on it. Finally, he or she loads the chosen product onto their e-commerce platform (Opencart, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) via the Cannumo sales plug-in.

Thus, any aspiring merchant becomes an important cogwheel in a vast chain of production and sales of the most demanded cannabis products. In effect, the only aspect a merchant needs to handle is building their online brand identity and market. Cannumo CBD handles everything else, including product warehousing, inventory, and shipping.

The second approach — Cannumo Wallet — serves as an alternative for third party payment gateways, which otherwise usually to this day shy away from accepting payments from cannabis proprietors. In other words, the financial world largely shuns cannabis industry participants, applying exorbitant transaction fees, thus, cornering the market. Cannumo Wallet overrides such problems by becoming an ecosystem in itself — a payment network that is fast, secure and nearly free to use.

Cannumo Wallet application functions as a storage and transitioning hub for Cannumo’s native token — $CANU. Manipulating this cryptocurrency helps one avoid big commission rates, and in a way attracts a larger customer base while keeping transaction fees to a minimum.

The last and the latest approach — the Cannumo CBD Shop — operates similarly to any other online e-commerce platform, except for it is a marketplace for all things CBD (cannabidiol). Cannumo CBD Shop includes everything from CBD oils, gummies, chocolate bars, and capsules to CBD topicals and bath bombs. And when we say everything, we mean — everything. The shop will include both Cannumo CBD production, as well as it will serve other projects’ CBD production.

Furthermore, Cannumo CBD Shop features the caretaker option, in which Cannumo will manage other providers’ products — from label designs to product integration into the shop’s platform.

Lastly, $CANU holders shall experience a perk and reward system while engaging in Cannumo CBD Shop. They will be privy to various in-platform games, opportunities for special product subscriptions, and priorities to participate in putting new and unique CBD products to the market’s test.

Cannumo Is Starting an NFT Collection Showcase

Last but not least, Cannumo engages in showcasing specifically selected thematic NFT collections. The themes encompass everything that is wrong with the acceptance of cannabis and CBD as harmless substances around the globe. Our gallery will present digital art that directly combats political, socio-cultural, and economic stigmata and biases surrounding the cannabis industry.

Principally, Cannumo at any given time will hold many NFT collections for user exhibition. At the moment, Cannumo has already presented the notable Hemperors NFT collection (currently, it can be viewed at:

The utility of buying NFTs showcased on Cannumo’s NFT collection column is the ability to become a benefactor, or a patron if you will, for a charity of one’s choice. NFTs are auctioned and 80% of the revenues will go directly to community elected charities, while 20% will be reserved to maintain a particular collection’s operational expenditure. Creators will contribute by donating 100% of their royalties to a community selected charity as well. In this instance, royalties constitute 7.5% of the initial NFT price.

Cannumo 2.0 Roadmap Will Be Constantly Updated and Fulfilled as It Goes Along

Here we list the simplified version of the most important entries in our roadmap so far (it will definitely be updated in the future):

● Cannumo 2.0 launch — 2022 Q2

● Initial Cannumo CBD Shop launch — 2022 Q2

● Cannumo CBD Shop expansion — 2022 Q2

● Cannumo NFTs program launch — 2022 Q2

● Cannumo CBD (Cannabis Business Dropshipping) launch — 2022 Q3

● Cannumo Wallet launch — 2022 Q4

Conclusion and a Promising Farewell!

And here you have it — the particulars of the upcoming Cannumo rebranding! While perusing everything Cannumo you might want to read or browse through our newly restructured and supplemented white paper (now — green paper), which can be accessed via the URL —! Do not miss out on the upcoming news and exhilarating reshaping of the project! Follow us and participate in the cannabis revolution!




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