Cannumo token $CANU is finally listed on PancakeSwap

On the 15th of July, 2021, Cannumo project’s token, $CANU, finally arrived on one of the biggest DeFi platforms in the world — PancakeSwap!

About PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows its user to swap BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, a convenient and inexpensive alternative to Ethereum. Similar to Uniswap, PancakeSwap DEX also employs an Automated Market Maker system to generate liquidity pools. PancakeSwap launched its native token CAKE in September 2020. USers can stake CAKE on one of the manu liquidity pools offered in order to earn more tokens in return.

The lower fees charged have since attracted a lot of DeFi enthusiasts to this platform — driving the price of the coin steadily upwards. The CAKE token demonstrated a remarkable price rally in the first quarter of 2021.

PancakeSwap’s main attraction is its transparency, meaning that it is built on an open-source software, thus, every smart contract on the PancakeSwap’s site are publicly visible. Also, PancakeSwap verifies every one of its contracts on BscScan so that everyone sees what they get.

Cannumo’s token listing

You can trade our token at this site:

And at the Dextools, you can track our $CANU’s performance:

Moreover, soon the $CANU’s coin market cap will start showing on the same Dextools site, hence, be ever watchful!

We are experiencing a 1 million daily volume, which is pure insanity, in a happy sort of sense!



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