Welcome to Canopy, a Reimagined Svelte DevTool

Time Travel Debugging

As is well-known to any user of a popular DevTools extension for another JavaScript library or framework such as React or Vue, visualizing state changes from the comfort of the DevTools window is often handy, if not essential — and that’s where Canopy’s functionality begins.

Component Visualizer

Keeping track of the state values of components is only half of the story. In a large applications with many components, a single component failing to load can lead to a cascade of errors that can be difficult to debug. To help with such issues, Canopy offers a component visualizer.

Open Source

As stated above, Canopy is an open-source product made possible by the tech accelerator OSLabs. It’s built with Svelte (of course!) and TypeScript in order to deliver a fast and reliable product. We welcome contributions of all kinds from the Svelte community: comments, questions, suggestions, bug reports, feature requests — and of course, additions to the codebase. To use Canopy, you can simply visit the Github page and follow the instructions there. So if you’re a svelte Svelte Developer — check it out!

The Canopy Team

Vance McGrady — GitHub | LinkedIn



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Canopy For Svelte

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