Node Manager can start a server without requiring you to specify startup options. However, if you have modified your environment; for example, if you have added classes to the WebLogic Server classpath, you must specify startup options before you use the Administration Console to start a server.

There are two ways to add JVM arguments on WebLogic.

1- Without Nodemanager ( — java options)
2- With Nodemanager ( Weblogic Console -> Server Start-> Arguments)

You can compare JVM Arguments of managed servers using with WL-OPC.

  1. Compare and analyze JVM runtime and startup arguments
  2. Find missing or different JVM runtime…

WLSDM Blog: Oracle Service Bus Performance Monitoring

In this blog, we analyzed Oracle Service Bus and how to Oracle Service Bus Monitoring performance & Diagnostics in WLSDM. Let's start with the Oracle Service Bus structure.

Introducing Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Service Bus is a configuration-based, policy-driven enterprise service bus designed for SOA life cycle management. It provides foundation capabilities for service discovery and intermediation, rapid service provisioning and deployment, and governance.

Service Bus Architectural Concepts

Service Bus is an intermediary that processes incoming service request messages, determines routing logic, and transforms those messages for compatibility with other service consumers. …

Can Şahin

Middleware & Application Support Specialist at Volthread

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