A shortlist of the most insightful talks from the conference.

On October 26, 2021, Vercel held its annual Next.js Conference, where they’ve also announced the next version of Next.js: 12. As they’ve stated, this is the biggest release of Next.js ever.

Next.js 12 comes with improvements like a brand-new Rust compiler that promises 3x faster Fast Refresh and 5x faster…

Creating a simple to-do app with authentication — Basic setup

The first in a series of articles in which we’ll be creating a modern web application, serving a simple to-do app with authentication, complete with a Django back end exposing a GraphQL API endpoint, and a Next.js, React, and Material UI front end with progressive web app capabilities.

Today we’re…

A critique


Captchas (an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) are a widely used security mechanism to identify non-human intruders. The recent captcha attacks are scheme-specific, making them unstable when the captcha security features change. Unlike those previous attempts, in this paper, Ye and her…


Outsourcing non-core competencies through cloud services is a common practice for most successful tech companies to decrease costs, ease management, and provide scalability. So does deploying middlebox services to improve security and performance in their networks. The current middlebox processing schemes involve setting up and managing the infrastructure locally within…

The Definition of Reproducibility

The reproducibility of research is an outsider’s ability to reproduce the presented results of that research with reasonably small effort. According to a highly cited paper by Roger D. Peng, “the standard of reproducibility calls for the data and the computer code used to analyze the data be made available…

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Software Architect, Consultant, and Advisor. Was a Founding Engineer #3 @Udemy.

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