All About Plag

Plag is an information network. Founded by Deep Sea Marketing S.A. It is available on the App Store and Google Play Store for free. It provides you to comment on photos, see how many people are infected, look at the infection map and analyze your posts. This app works like a virus. You have to swipe down to resist the epidemic and keep the information to yourself and swipe up in order to infect people and get the information further. When you spread information, it goes to the users who are closest to you physically, it’s really cool to see how quickly people get infected. Users can spread messages, images and videos. As your infection index grows, more nearby people get infected. Your posts can spread to the world. In my opinion, this app is kind of fun because it’s like a game. You infect people or get infected. Besides you get to see all the cool pictures that people share from all around the world and learn something. Since it tells your location exactly it doesn’t feel safe to me but other than that it’s exciting. I think that it is a great plus for everyone to have a fair and equal chance to be heard by the whole network right from the start. There is no friending or following someone on Plag. If your information attracts interest from people it will eventually spread to people somehow. Also it’s very addicting, once you start infecting people and sharing information you can’t stop. Thanks to Plag, I discovered so much about different lifestyles, countries, and viewpoints on world issues. It allows you to be among creative people, share your creativity with the whole world, express yourself and have fun.

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