The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

Could you imagine a libertarian solution to smoking? Yes, in my opinion the 50p tax is a libertarian solution and the business owner that says: “When I go to vote, I’m supporting candidates who are pro-business and who want less government involvement, less government regulation.” is actually non a libertarian, but a tanningtarian(this word does not exist), by which I mean, less regulation if it affects my business is good even if it is fair to society.

This is my interpretation, of course, I am no Ayn Rand, let me just cite, Milton Friedman, with the same example of a government action that caused, just cancer at the minute 5'05":

and another similar situation in which the cost of saving was deemd to low and similar to tanning beds the businesses were deemed killers of innocents but the cost of stopping it was too a costly solution for society:

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