A Short, De-Politicized Take on the American Health Care Act
Matt Strauss

Matt, I may be wrong, but I believe you somehow completely left out the information that drinkers, drug addicts, and marijuana and tobacco smokers were all charged a whopping fifty percent surcharge on their healthcare under the Affordable Care Act.

Or… wait… maybe they didn’t want to get the drinkers and the druggies mad, so they just made the smokers pay for everyone else (on top of the MSA tax that was supposed to pay for their extra health care, and on top of the SCHIP tax tripling per-pack federal tax and per pound tax on the poorest well-defined minority in America — those who are forced to buy shreds of loose tobacco and scraps of paper to “roll their own” — by over an amazing TWO THOUSAND PERCENT…

… but it’s hard to believe that any minority group would be singled out for such punishment in America, so maybe I’m wrong.

Am I?

And, if I’m not, will this inequity be addressed by the American Health Care Act? Perhaps by treating people equally under the law? Perhaps taxing drinkers and druggies at a similar rate of several hundred percent? I’m sure they wouldn’t complain… it IS “for the children,” true?

Any thoughts on this? Will the AHCA treat people equally?

  • MJM, who, if he’s correct about the current situation, is completely befuddled at how such a major inequity in the current system missed even a mention in an otherwise quite excellent article…
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