I noticed.

Nothing matters. Why are we here on earth? everything will vanish. Thinking about this question will make you think about life in a different way. You will understand that nothing is yours.

Everyone wants success and money. Understand that yes we do live in a world that revolves around that and without it you are some what screwed. However i believe success or fame will not bring you the fulfillment you think it will. Many celebrities have said that themselves. But hey I don’t judge! I want to be successful as well but i don’t think it’ll make me “happy”.

Now let’s talk about desires. We all have different things we want. I am 20 and haven’t had a boyfriend ever. I do want love. But with the right guy i mean who knows maybe i won’t ever have the experience to actually fall in love. I get so tired when people say “you will just be patient” as if that makes the situation better. In reality you do not know that. Whatever your desire might be you can attain it. Unless it’s love then who knows haha..