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I’m Going Bald and it’s Ok!

Why going bald didn’t affect me as much as it does other men.

Going bald for many men can be tragic. It can deplete your self worth and lower your confidence. I should know, because it happened to me. As soon as I started to lose my hair, I knew exactly what to do!

My uncles and grandfather were bald. I feel like I’ve always known they were bald, even though they had full heads of hair! They wore what is commonly known as a toupee, but you would never know. See, the hair my family wears is a different type of look than your classic dead raccoon your local tailor wears! You know, that pitch black bicycle helmet on top, with his natural dark brown hair on the sides. You see it coming down the street before you even see him! Not my family. Their hair is custom fit to the exact shape of their heads. It’s a lace base hair system that even if worn outside in direct sunlight, no one would ever know the hair is not growing directly from the scalp. It’s quite remarkable!

That’s why when I started thinning, I decided to wear hair. For me it was a no brainer. I knew the process. I knew the maintenance. I knew the cost. Most of all, I knew it looked good.

Subconsciously, I think this led me to become a hairstylist. Initially, I got into cutting and coloring womens hair. It was something I could not live without for over 15 years. I love the fact that I can completely change someone’s appearance, face shape, and most of all, their confidence in just one day! It’s extremely rewarding.

But now, I feel like I want to give men back the confidence they once had when they had hair. When women want longer fuller hair, they go and have it done without even worrying about what people may think. That is, because it is not Taboo in our culture. When I talk to female clients about adding extensions or top pieces, they immediately think it would be fun! When I ask a man if he wants to add hair, it’s a whole other ball game. Usually nine times outta ten, I get this response. “What you mean like a toupee? HA HA HA!!! I could never do that! They look so fake.” In turn I reply, “Do you think my hair looks fake?” When clients find out that my hair is not my own, they are blown away! That is usually when they decide to go for it.

The days of the bad toupee are gone. It doesn’t mean they still don’t exist, but there’s no reason to be wearing a bad one. The advancements in the industry over the past 30 years have given us more to work with. You have choices between polyurethane, mono polyurethane, and multiple styles of lace base hair systems. If you don’t like a specific wear, then you can change it. If you don’t mind people knowing you wear hair, then you can switch up your style every time I change your hair!!! It’s a lot of fun! I want men to know that it’s ok to wear hair. It’s ok to tell people you wear hair. If it looks great, people are not going to make fun of you. If it looks like a bicycle helmet, they are probably going to joke behind your back!

I have attached a picture of a client that has a top piece. I see him every six weeks to change his hair. He gets new hair five times a year. Depending on your lifestyle and how many pieces you want to wear a year, we would do a portion of this application anywhere from six to eight times a year. I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read my hair journey!

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Nathanael is a hairstylist in Murrieta Ca trying to tear down the stereotype that is commonly known as a toupee!!

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