Villge of Undredal along the Nærøyfjord

The Best Photo I Took in Norway

The best photo I took in Norway came while travelling aboard a small cruise along the Nærøyfjord. Our ship slowed into the dock of Undredal, a small village with a population of 100, whose prized possessions are the 500 goats that produce the brown goat cheese (geitost) that it is famous for. I captured the colourful palette of homes amongst the mountainous backdrop, before joining others in watching a makeshift boat pen carry a herd to what I assume is the goat equivalent of Valhalla. Vebjørn, my Norwegian friend living in Oslo, joined me on the cruise as part of our scenic journey to Bergen. While some travellers departed to spend time in the village and sample the famous cheese, our tickets were only for direct travel from Flåm to Gudvangen. At 305 kr ($50 CAD) and two hours long, the cruise was more expensive and time consuming than the 80 kr / 20 minute bus ride between the towns. We sipped lukewarm coffee while standing upon the deck, as the ship slowly traversed the misty morning fog. Strong winds and even colder temperatures tempted a retreat to the downstairs café, but crowds of tourists pressed against the windows inside obstructed any recognition of a view. There was a moment or two where regret set in for not taking the quicker and cheaper transportation, mostly due to losing feeling in our fingers. Though, any feeling of regret fairly quickly gave way to one of triumph, whenever the landscape signalled that our dues have been paid by revealing a perfect photo moment.

Vebjørn capturing the landscape along the Nærøyfjord