A Reply To Criticism of the Premises of “CLEANSE”
Stephen C. Rose

You are all over the place in your beliefs. You say Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life, yet you say He is not the One that is our way to salvation. You say we can only be saved by our own works yet you say Christ died for our sins. You have no idea how to submit to the Father through Christ. The bible says that Christ justifies the saved. The saved cannot justify themselves.

You must be born from above (born again) to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is only done by first God giving us the power to believe, and the power to repent, and the power to have faith in Christ, alone, to save us. We cannot do any of that without first God’s will to give us the power to do so.

And Jesus will not accept everyone. He will judge, and judge righteously. Many believers are condemned already and are not saved.

Stop twisting the Word of God and get back to a real bible study at a born again church.

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