Presenting canUmeet widgets — add scheduling to your website

If you are a freelance developer, an entrepreneur or a professional this post is for you. In this age of rapid development, we expect our websites to be up and running within a few weeks if not days and all of us know how re-inventing the wheel is nothing but a pain. The good news is that now you can use all of canUmeet’s features on your website and you’ll have scheduling capabilities added to your page in seconds — for free!.

A lot of our users have sent us emails and chat messages asking for a feature where they can import our website as a widget so we decided to get a lot of beer even more pizza and now we are proud to present canUmeet widgets to you! A ‘widget’ can be added for any event by clicking on the burger sign (three dots) in front of the event name in the ‘Events’ section and then clicking on ‘</> Embed’.

We currently support four different kinds of widgets and we would like to talk about them today: The sidebar, or as we call it our hero, can be added to your website as a floating button and when a user clicks on the button you can see the booking page of an event as a sidebar which slides in from the left, right or top (image below).

Sometimes you want to give a lot of emphasis on scheduling — specially if you are a professional and your clients would be booking appointments on a day-to-day basis — you can use a popup widget which would open as a full screen window in your website (image below).

We have also added support for inline scheduling capability where you can add the booking page as a widget inside your website (no popup or sidebar — directly in your web page (image below).

We are very excited about this feature and would love if you would try it and get back to us.!

Lots of Love,
The canUmeet Team.