Conversation with a Florida bear killer
Carole Raphaelle Davis

Dear Carole- sadly you can’t unhear that interview.. BUT you provide an essential service by reaching out and bringing awareness to others who can actually recognize the pathology of this family .. sadly, they are not alone. We have a nation filled with sadists, blood lusting sociopaths and entitled-self serving -greedy people. If you ever take time to read the comments and articles wolves, you will encounter the same mind-set and very possibly even worse. There is a disease in the world and it is very much alive here in the USA. The disease of apathy, disrespect, entitlement, ignorance, greed and lack of compassion. It is like a black plague that had descended upon us and WE ALL must expose it, fight it and vote against it lest we become swallowed whole in the putrid mire of it all. It hurts us to the depth of our souls to see wildlife massacred by it, to see political corruption falling prey to it and that the agencies that are to SERVE the wildlife (FWS) actually becoming gatekeepers to their filthy, dirty, stinking lair. The bear massacre in Florida is just an example of what is happening nationally- wild horses being rounded up and take to slaughter by the BLM to make room for cattle; the wolves being destroyed and killed ( only 50 Mexican wolves exist in the wild) because of ranchers, and the blood filled pocket books of Governors like “Butch”er Otter of Idaho, or the the incredible ignorance of people who just follow the masses; blind, dumb and deaf to anything that actually doesn’t follow suit. It is like we are revisiting a sordid history, just that this time it is against the wild, the wildlife and her home. Remember Hitler, remember the KKK, remember the witch hunts, remember the killing fields. It is an ugly, perverse, sadistic world… Compassion teaching and courses should begin in Kindergarten.. we must stop this spiral of doom……. now, before we are left with nothing but concrete, cows, and a whole bunch of McDaniels!.

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