Exploring the new age of influence at Huddle 2018, John Fornander (2018)

UPDATE: Dispatches from the Canvas8 HQ

Has social media enabled politicians & celebrities to influence public opinion directly without the filter of mainstream media? How influential can brands really be in changing societal norms and behaviours? What are the hidden biases that affect our decision making? And can we really trust digital influencers to give us authentic opinions? …

Lolistraw is an edible plastic straw alternative, Loliware (2018)

DISRUPTORS: The ideas changing industries

Loliware is hoping to change how people look at plastic utensils, by releasing the Lolistraw — an edible plastic straw. With many people rejecting single-use plastic, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to give up the actual items plastic is used to create. Instead, people need eco-friendly alternatives. We explore the insights behind how the company is tackling people’s eco-concerns with creatively innovative products.

With 500 million plastic straws being used every day in America alone, there is a clear need for an alternative as awareness around the damaging effects of plastic becomes more known. It’s…

Sink or Swim helps French men explore masculinity, Mika Colleton (2018)

POPSCI: A scientific slant on popular culture

Sink or Swim is a French-language comedy that uses synchronised swimming as a vehicle to explore masculinity. The story centres around a group of male synchronised swimmers coping with depression, who explore ideas of friendship, loneliness, inclusion and fulfilment, together. We discover the insights behind the show and explore how entertainment is helping shape healthier gender expectations.

Les Grand Bain — or Sink or Swim — is a 2018 movie that tells the tale of a group of disenchanted French men, seeking solace in the art of synchronised swimming. Directed by Gilles Lellouche…

IKEA recognises the different family celebrations around America, IKEA US | YouTube (2018)

SPOTTED: The insight behind the ads

The concept of family in America is diversifying — only half of American households now fit the nuclear family stereotype. As a result, people want brand marketing to be more representative, which is why IKEA US has released a festive advert highlighting how norms have changed. We explore the insights behind the ad and understand how IKEA is representing modern America and its diversity.

Created by Ogilvy, IKEA US’s advert depicts a number of different households celebrating holidays such as Christmas, Ramadan and Hanukkah. Throughout, it depicts families of different ethnicities and ages, and…

‘If This, Then Domino’s’ slots pizza into people’s life events
Domino’s (2015)

SPOTTED: The insight behind the ads

‘If This, Then Domino’s’ is an initiative by the pizza chain that lets people select personal or cultural events that trigger a pizza delivery order. As people expect streamlined services, the feature heads towards automation, as the brand embeds itself in customer’s lives, by playing to personal moments. We explore the insights behind the ad and understand how Domino’s is putting itself into people’s life narratives.

Through the If This, Then Domino’s website, people can set up an automated condition such as: “if my team plays, then Domino’s”, to make and deliver a pre-selected…

America’s exhausted majority have been silenced by the vocal minority, Heather Mount (2018)

POPSCI: A scientific slant on popular culture

Social media, partisan news outlets and divisive political events suggest an American people split into two opposing camps, with no common ground. But a report by think tank More in Common suggests the majority of Americans are caught in the middle, exhausted and silenced by conflict. We discover the <a href=https://www.canvas8.com/services/behavioural-insights-and-strategies.html target=”_blank”>insights</a> behind the emerging demographic, and understand why America may not be as polarised as it appears to be.

A study by think tank More In Common reports that America’s polarized tribes — the political right and left — makeup only a…

Tinder campaign celebrates the virtues of the single life, Wieden + Kennedy (2018)

SPOTTED: The insight behind the ads

Despite Tinder being known as a platform that brings people together, their latest brand campaign is an unapologetic celebration of what it means to be single, showing how the dating app understands the importance people increasingly place on remaining unattached, free and independent. We explore the insights behind the ads and understand why Tinder is embracing the single life.

Tinder has partnered up with Wieden+Kennedy to create its first brand campaign ‘Single, Not Sorry’ — a celebration of the single life. The campaign uses a mixture of OOH and social/digital advertising, that uses slogans…

Deep Angel lets people curate their digital identity, Noah Buscher (2018)

DISRUPTORS: The ideas changing industries

Deep Angel is an AI that can delete objects from photos. As people have become more self-conscious of their digital identities and how these personas can shape IRL opinions of them, the tool is giving users the power to control the smaller details that can have a big impact. We explore the insights behind how the company is helping people edit their online persona to perfection.

People can visit the Deep Angel website and upload photos that will then be scanned and interpreted by the AI. The tool then produces a list of objects it…

Young Aussies are joining modern megachurches, Hillsong (2018)

POPSCI: A scientific slant on popular culture

The Hillsong church is a Sydney-born megachurch, whose order of procession is more akin to that of a Beyoncé concert than a humble religious sermon. As atheism and spirituality steal would-be religious devotees, Hillsong is modernising religion for Gen Z who want a greater sense of belonging. We explore the <a href=https://www.canvas8.com/services/behavioural-insights-and-strategies.html target=”_blank”>science</a> behind its appeal to youngsters in Australia.

A Hillsong Church sermon is known for its elaborate light shows, loud music, and massive karaoke-like screens with lyrics for churchgoers to follow along with, rather than the sleepy processionals more associated with…

How can the Ed app help Aussies learn in their spare time, TED Conference (2018)

DISRUPTORS: The ideas changing industries

Ed is a micro-learning platform that provides Australian students with lessons specifically tailored to their existing skillsets. Micro-learning is becoming increasingly popular for a range of different demographics, who want to upskill without having to take lengthy educational courses. We explore the insights behind how the company is helping young Aussies up their skillsets.

The micro-learning platform Ed can be used on all devices, and delivers lessons daily, suited to the individual’s skillset. The courses range from health and safety to cyber security, and are delivered in bite-sized chunks, rather than over lengthy courses. The…

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