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Samsung #BeFearless

SPOTTED: The insight behind the ads

Public speaking can be a scary prospect. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work or making a speech at your best friend’s wedding, it’s something that can instil terror in the bravest of souls. In an effort to change this, Samsung’s #BeFearless campaign attempts to help people overcome some of their deepest-rooted fears.

The series of spots form part of Samsung’s larger Launching People campaign, which is helping people achieve their full potential through the use of technology. With 74% of people suffering from speech anxiety, the brand’s latest ad is one that resonates with many. Using Samsung VR headsets, a group of people are seen practicing their public speaking skills in front of a virtual audience. They are then unknowingly presented with a real-life audience as part of the final ‘challenge’, at which point they’re able to speak confidently to a crowd. A previous advert helped people overcome a fear of heights, reducing 88% of the group’s anxiety levels by over 23%, with both spots demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to making tangible improvements to the lives of its customers.

A growing number of brands are looking to help people become the best possible version of themselves — whether that’s helping them train harder, eat better or banish bad habits. While some brands perpetuate our fears to boost product sales, Samsung is offering relevant assistance to help overcome real barriers. And it’s working; Samsung topped the Havas Meaningful Brands index, which measures the correlation between meaningfulness and brand perception.

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Written by Hannah Callaghan, account executive at Canvas8