The CanYa (CANWork) Platform is ready

CANWork — the decentralised service marketplace. Digital service professionals at your fingertips.

The CANWork platform will be going live today (31st July 2018).

You can access it here:

What has been happening since the Alpha Launch?

The development team have been working hard to clean up the identified issues from the Alpha release and add a number of functional improvements.


  • New log in and sign up flow
  • Job and message notification between client and freelancer
  • Mobile integration
  • Meta Mask and Trust wallet payment integration to ensure desktop and mobile payment functionality
  • Development and deployment of the escrow functionality for $CAN payments
  • Better skill listing and search functionality
  • Improvements to the on-boarding user journey
  • Removal of the 100 CAN requirement to use the platform
  • Various UI/UX improvements based on the CanYa Pioneers feedback.
  • Our platform has changed it’s name from just “CanYa” to “CANWork” to distinguish it from our other apps.

In addition, we have added six free CANApps for our freelancers to use throughout the job cycle:

  • CANInvoice: An easy to use invoice creator for the CanYa Freelancer
  • CANStation: A tool to check the current gas prices for sending ETH/tokens and executing smart contracts.
  • CANSend: The perfect tool for sending ETH or ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses nice and easily.
  • CANShare: Using IPFS CANShare allows CanYa users to send/receive large files across the internet for free with no sign ups or any other hassle.
  • CANTrack: A tool to track and share your work (particularly useful for invoicing)
  • CANSign: A tool to upload and sign documents with your ETH address.

What features will CANWork need in the near future?

The vision for CANWork is for it to be a platform available to freelancers all over the world (whether they own cryptocurrency or not) at a 20x price reduction to current competitors.

The current CANWork platform does not meet this vision entirely. Developing a dApp has presented a lot of challenges that were not predicted by the team. Immature third party technology, fiat integration headaches and truly unique problems stemming from developing with new technology are just some of these challenges.

The development team have the following features (and more) to deliver via fortnightly delivery cycles:

  • Fiat integration
  • A truly hedged escrow
  • Multi language support
  • Public job posts
  • Improved search functionality

Note: When deploying CANWork from Ropsten to Main Network the escrow experienced high gas fees. This will be optimised in the coming days and re-deployed on the main net properly. We will announce when this has been completed. In the mean time you can still pay your provider directly.

Marketing CANWork

Many in the community have been asking about the marketing strategy for CANWork. Marketing efforts will need to grow in line with the maturation of the platform. Simplistically, the marketing efforts can be thought of in stages:

Stage 1: Community

The CanYa team have removed all barriers of entry to the CANWork platform. Anyone, anywhere, can create a client or freelancing profile whether they have $CAN or not. However, the first fortnight or so post release will be spent testing with our 100,000+ community (across all of our marketing channels. Our community are early adopters of technology and supporters of the project so will be the perfect audience to provide feedback to our team so the platform is ready for stage 2.

Note: Freelancer profiles will require approval from the CanYa team to ensure quality control.

Stage 2: Freelancers using Cryptocurrency

Once the team is happy with the community testing and feedback we will start marketing to our stage 2 audience; freelancers who use cryptocurrency.

CANWork will initially not have fiat integration meaning all users of the platform will need to use cryptocurrency. While this has many benefits it also creates a barrier for all of the world’s freelancers who are unfamiliar with crypto. Until this barrier is fixed via credit card integration and seamless UI/UX, CANWork will stay in stage 2 marketing.

We will use a number of growth hacking mechanisms and advertising to appeal to all of the world’s freelancers that also use cryptocurrency. This audience is growing at a rapid rate.

Stage 3: All freelancers

Once CANWork is mature enough that someone, who has never owned cryptocurrency, can use the platform seamlessly we will be advertising to every freelancer in the market.

We will be focussing on CANWork’s unique selling propositions of:

  • being 20x cheaper to use
  • being a platform to empower the world’s unbanked population
  • being a platform built for freelancers, run by freelancers
  • improved data security
  • offering a swathe of valuable, free tools.

A more detailed piece on how CANWork will be marketed to the world will be released during the first week of August.

Testing CANWork

As our community we encourage you to set up profiles and start using the platform.

All feedback, big or small, should be passed to the development team via this typeform:

You can also join the discussion on Telegram or Twitter via the links below.

Final Note

Although we are excited to launch the CANWork platform worldwide this is truly only the beginning. We have an incredible vision for CANWork and the broader CanYa ecosystem. We will not stop until we have realised our goal of becoming the decentralised serviceplace for the world.

For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

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