Flipping The Procrastination Switch

Most often we find ourselves unable to do what we have set out to do. We get into a phase where our minds seem to be so dense and hazy that no clear thinking can be done. We are numb!

We surf the net, scroll through Instagram feed or watch endless strings of Youtube videos. When we are able to snap out of that, a few hours have already been wasted.

I, like most people, often struggle with procrastination. I set goals but can’t seem to make tangible results.

But I think I have found a way to tackle this problem.

We can’t think our way into proper action.

That’s the first key point that we all have to remind ourselves. It just can’t be done for most people. When you are in that state of mind, a humongous amount of will-power is required to tear you out and put you into motion. But the reason why you get into that state in the first place is probably due to the lack of will-power.

We can act our way into proper thinking.

Aha! But now, we can do the reverse of that. To snap out of it as quickly as possible, just do something. My favorite thing to do now is to meditate, to become mindful and relaxed about the situation I’m in. Also, I like cleaning my room, washing the dishes. I call that the “low-hanging fruit”.

Imagine yourself as a man walking in the dessert. You are exhausted, thirsty and hungry. You saw a really tall tree. On top of the tree are all the juicy mangoes, on the lowest branchesaare just some nuts.

You have to eat the nuts first. Then slowly recover your strength to climb to the top.

That’s also how we can do to tackle procrastination!

So, if you find yourself to be procrastinating, just slowly and gently move your intention to something else, something productive but easy to do. Don’t stomp on yourself. After a while, come back and keep killing it.

That’s it for me.

Cao Khanh.