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  1. Paul George ($4)
  2. Jimmy Butler ($4)
  3. Damian Lillard ($4)
  4. Pau Gasol ($2)
  5. DeMarre Carroll ($1)

With George, Butler and Lillard you've got three of those alwyas-a-chip-on-their-shoulder-for-whatever-reason-guys. They're all versatile as hell offensively with average-but-growing (Dame) to highly advanced defensive chops (the other two). Plus, if you listened to Butler on the Bill Simmons pod, you just know he's going to ball. Pau Gasol brings championship experience, rim protection and more versatility on a 7-foot-frame, DeMarre Carrol is just a beast in every category for a $1-guy.

And if you want to hate on George and Gasol, you could swap them for Kawhi ($5) and Steve Adams ($1) for the younger, more defensive-minded version of this squad.

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