Statistical Analysis and Data Analytics are getting more popular day by day. R programming language has gained a lot of popularity over the years because of it’s simple and easy to use approach after Python. R was created and developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. The name “R” was partly derived from the first letters of the authors’ names and also as a play on the name of the S programming language. R is very domain specific unlike Python.

Features of R:

  1. It has a consistent and incorporated set of tools which can be used to do various tasks.
  2. The notation of…

In the world of technology, every small business is trying to grow through internet. Which causing web applications in demand. As a developer I can say first thing comes in our mind is which JavaScript Library should we use. In this blog I am going to discuss React.js .

I learned react during my project days. Believe me it is a very interesting topic to learn and work on. I have developed many React applications, which turn out to be surprisingly very fast and efficient. And that made me to write this blog.

So, let’s dig into it -


The world of medicine is changing due to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Fast improvement in computer science and availability of huge amount of data in the field of medicine makes machine learning system to tackle increasingly complex learning tasks, often with unbelievable success. The increasing focus of AI in medicine has led to some experts suggesting that someday AI may even replace doctors.

Aim of this blog is to provide you with context, to interpret study results and attempt to make sense of the digital health.

If medical professionals want to get ahead of the curve, they should get…


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