What Does Rape Culture Do To Female Desire?
Emma Lindsay

Interesting article that shows a few underlying issues in society. One is that is not ok to publicly talk about sex, desire, power and control because haters, moral judges and trolls will immediately state what is right and what is wrong.

The statement from the man in question is no surprise. Rape play has been for long one of the most popular fantasies among women. Not only that but porn is popular among women too not to count the millions that participate on it. Sex, and particularly wild sex is very popular but prejudice and political correctness smash a movement that will have to fight for their rights eventually as gays and other sexual movements need to.

Secondly, there is a problem of wrong associations. If someone does not know the difference between a sexual assault and performing fantasies, the problem is theirs, and not the fantasy itself, neither the “culture”. Getting offended for how people decide to live their lives on their own terms and within consensual agreement is simply intolerance.

Each person, no matter the gender, inclination, dominance… has the right to ask for what satisfies them on bed. If there is no agreement, each party should be better of looking for someone more inclined to their liking.

As she rightfully claims she has no need to be who she is not. But what she fails to tolerate is the other way around, a very common mistake from someone who actually complains about not being taken into account. She has no right to force any man to be differently from what they are (she may ask if she wishes). If she looks for dominant, equal or submissive is her choice but this popular trend of today which overpowers women to require men to accommodate to their will is not any better than one that is the other way around.

Women should be less concerned about what men want, and more concerned about expressing in advance rather than leaving it unknown. If she were to discuss in advance and talk about sex and likings before dating, she would never go to a date thinking what may happen because she would actually know what will happen. As an usual woman’s character contradiction, most women do not wish to talk about sex previous to it happening or consider it inappropriate when men try to put the topic on the table. I do not wonder they feel anxious.

As always this topic fails also to address that men feel very anxious to date women not knowingly if the woman in question can satisfy their needs or not. And how judgmental she will be about it. I have heard many men complaining that women date having their own idea of how everything should be in bed without ever concerning to ask or discuss. And if any complain arises, women would dismiss it with a “that is for pervs” or “that is not normal” which makes men to feel ashamed, embarrassed and depressed about their own personality. I wonder if women ever care about this.

So, overall, there is no such a thing as rape culture but intolerance to other people inclinations and a lack of communication from all parties involved.

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