The Underdog Story
Chris McIntyre

Oddly enough, I am at a loss for words…I honestly do not know what to say, except thank you!

Thank you for your willingness to join and significantly impact a team of stubborn underdogs who locked arms together to make a difference at a time when folks outside of Nashville (and often times in our own town) didn’t believe that we could rise above the typical bricks-n-mortar healthcare “old-boy network” way of doing things.

Recognizing that starting an endeavor like we did is a dicey proposition at best. The odds of failing are painfully and constantly around every corner, AND YET, through the ups-n-downs, the trials, the failures, and ultimate successes — what I value more than the success has nothing to do with the recognition but rather the lessons, the experiences, and the friendships from the journey.

Thank you for what you guys (and gals) gave to me… it was vastly more valuable and precious than anything I could have given to you… I expect that many folks in Nashville know and recognize that, too.