[Sunday Apr 21, 2002]

Going loco for local?

For the sake of argument, let’s just say local is anywhere that is less than 30 minutes travel — walking, bike, bus, train, car or taxi — from where you live.

How much does local transport account for in annual expenses?

For most people, living in an urban setting, local means all the places you might go to for entertainment — pub, sports, cinema, theatre, sports centre, parks — and receive public services — council, post office, police, GP, Hospital.

How well do local transport routes map to local entertainment and public services?
How much do entertainment and public services account for in annual expenses?
What are the major entertainment services offered in local area?

For many people, local also means where they work, shop and go to school. The binding factor in everything local is its social element. Engagement in a local area entails becoming part of public space.

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