The Healthy Breakfast That Fuels Me Up for a Productive Day
Caroline Jordan

Breakfast is always a problem for me because I require so much of it which makes for a lot of cooking & cleaning time. The quickest is oatmeal with nuts, fruit, non-dairy milk and maple syrup and toast with fresh ground peanut butter or almond butter along with a cup of coffee or tea. That may or may not carry me to lunch. I imagine the additionan of protein powder makes the difference with yours.Why is the sodium level in your oatmeal so high? I was a little confused by the mention of Gluten Free Oats in the brand name. Aren’t all oats gluten free? Amazed to read oats will cook themselves in so little time of actual cooking! Even instant oatmeal requires 2 minutes in the microwave. I googled and was happy to see the Vegan Protein Powder is sold at drug store chains. Not inexpensive. Have you actually calculated the cost of one breakfast? Thanks.