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Louis Weeks

Check your math; didn’t you say you were flying over 30 years? Not that a ninety year old could not be writing into Quora, but I’ve been flying since I was a young child. Trust me, if I had seen what happened on this United flight as a child I never would have forgotten it.

If I was told to get off the plane because the airline oversold and I had good reason to get to where I had already paid to go, no, I would not have obliged.

Whatever price they offered there were obviously NOT 4 takers, correct? Hence they were dragging this man off. The airline did not ”have” any right as I see it, to force this man off. Considering what this has cost United in future business they would have been far wiser to keep upping that price until it appealed to 4 people. What if the randomly chosen person had an emotional disorder, what if they were on their way to get medical treatment, to go to a funeral, to be with a wife about to give birth, to go to a job interview? People’s lives are complicated. You can’t expect computers to dictate who “must” get off the plane because the airline wants those seats.

You seem unable to comprehend how badly United has bitten their nose to spite their face. United created this incident out of ignorance and arrogance. It was on every news broadcast. There is even an uproar in China over it! Clearly you have no understanding of the importance public relations has in business. But hang in there with your defence of them, maybe they’ll offer you a job!

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