I haven’t fully digested the article yet but would I be correct in thinking that the issues of…
Huw Davies

I’d say you are correct. So now the question is why do those least affected feel the most threatened. Can only imagine it would be due to ignorance. Cities are the melting pots of diversity. Eventually most people accept those that don’t look or sound like themselves because they are essentially cheek to jowl and usually grow to appreciate the diversity. Certain neighborhoods within those cities usually have an ethnic majority as it’s only natural for people to gravitate toward those that are familiar. But in time the children become exposed to other cultures, friendships develop and often marriages occur. That’s what happened to the mass immigration from Europe of which many of our grandparents were a part (including my own). Racial integration is a harder nut to crack however. Guess it’s easier to keep someone in a box if their skin shade is darker than to distinguish an Irishman from a Swede.

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