People typically don’t post things asking for advice, and it’s generally good not to hit people…
Mooseplaining Max

My view of CA (although I lived there for only one year) was always that it was quite progressive. ( I wouldn’t expect other states to be leagues ahead of it re matters of discrimination. MA has a government agency that investigates,makes final rulings and determines how much companies will be fined if found guilty.

I’m not coming at this from another planet. I have had my own workplace problems and it was my experience that going along to get along does nothing if not encourage more abuse. (I responded to another person touching lightly upon my own experiences. I might add I never looked for consolation from people; instead I constantly sought suggestions re ways I could fight back). Tech is a huge industry and it seems to me any women in it need to mobilize to end mistreatment. As I said to begin with I didn’t expect my response to be popular.

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