The Far Left Is Still Out Of Touch With Black Voters
Marcus H. Johnson

Sorry, but I see this as the Left cannibalizing itself. We have a common enemy now and it is Donald Trump…a man capable of wreaking havoc on this country and all that liberals stand for.

I loved having Obama as my President, despite not being in agreement with everything he did. (I even went to another state to see and hear him speak…something I have never done before and am not likely to ever do again.)There were certainly black voices complaining that he didn’t focus enough on black issues and I understood their unhappiness. But considering how he was castigated for speaking against the Cambridge cops for their absurd treatment of Professor Henry Gates and Obama’s making such an innocent and obvious statement that Trayvon Martin could have been his son, how much more could you reasonably expect of him in the context of all the contentious issues facing the nation and the world? I can’t imagine a more treacherous tightrope to walk than being our first “black” President. (I happen to see him as as much white as he is black, because that’s what he is.) He promised to be everyone’s President and I feel he did a damn good job of it. You can’t please all the people all the time. Despite the hatred from the Right he was reelected and fared well in popularity. He did his best to pull us out of the quagmire the last Republican administration put us in and stuck to his promise not to expand our encroachment in that part of the world.

Re the high speaking fees he will be accepting from Wall St., I do not like what it represents. That others do based on his skin color is no justification. How can it be construed as anything but payback for not going after them as the cause of the financial crisis that nearly crippled the nation? I understood his following their advice at the time, but to take so much money from them after the fact is IMO the worst decision he has made. The man is already guaranteed wealth and success in life. I would find this decision to be a very poor one no matter what color his skin and to use that as the basis of this column is just plain wrong IMO. I was equally disturbed by Hillary’s coziness with Wall St and supportive of Sanders because of his disdain for them.

The Left is on Obama’s side, OUR side, the side of minorities, people of color, people with gender issues (I’m sure there’s a better overall term that I don’t know), the nation and the planet. Instead of destroying ourselves let’s reach out to the different factions within and win back as many seats as possible in Congress and on local levels. We are under serious threat right now; to do anything other than unite and encourage voting for Democrats is folly. Instead of infighting and picking at scabs let’s stand on the right side of history and fight with all we’ve got!


One last point, I’d like to remind you that Sanders is the Senator from Vermont and as such represents possibly the whitest state in the nation. The man is clearly in support of the working and middle class which includes all colors. I find this assessment of Sanders and BLM a very fair one:

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