10 Best GMO Memes
Stephan Neidenbach

“Why would Monsanto be addressed here?” I guess because you brought it up by comparing their sales to Whole Foods. Admittedly I didn’t read all of this (very long) article, but I will say I’d rather a successful Whole Foods than a successful Monsanto. You shot yourself in the foot with that comparison.

It is also my understanding that genetically modified crops and seeds eventually have a negative impact on surrounding farms and eventually to the farmers that buy into using them.

If we got overpopulation under control there would be no need to go to these extremes. I happen to believe there’s a balance to life on the planet. When it’s thrown out of whack it has a snowballing effect. That’s what we are trying to deal with now. Need more energy? Suck all the fossil fuels out of the earth then burn it and create global warming. Too many mouths to feed? Then mess with the genes of plants. Not enough fish? Then create gross farms where fish are fed waste products. Not enough meat? Then treat the animals as inhumanely as possible so long as production increases.

There has to be a better way. Other than sending excess humans out into space why not keep the human population down to a number the earth can comfortably support? We can control the birth rate now; why aren’t we doing it?

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