Shift happens: A book in progress
Marcin Wichary

A propos of nothing, I offer the following, which seems somehow relevant..

Many years ago, in the era when some of us were using Selectric typewriters modified to be I/O devices, a friend had the following experience. He’d come to his office in the morning and,while still standing, with one finger type in his log-in to the system he was using: a userid and a password, on two separate lines. The field of the password was obscured by overtyping, before he added the password, common for that time.

For several weeks, it always failed with an incorrect password. Frustrated, he’d hang up his coat, sit down, and repeat, but this time sitting down and touch-typing. It always worked.

Turns out that the keycaps on the M and N keys had been swapped by the engineer when something was repaired. Touch-typing still worked, but hunt-and-peck was thwarted.

(By the way, hate the light grey “type” that Medium seems to love. What happened to black?)