In Capfolio’s latest analysis, we update our position on the state of institutional investors in the Bitcoin market. Recent reports have made it clear that institutions are betting on price moving downward. We see the most likely scenario for bitcoin price being a decline to an area of buyer liquidity.

Quick take:

• Bitcoin price and the sentiment of investors took a hit over trading last week

• With bitcoin price trading below its 200 DMA and the OBV trending downwards, we anticipate further bitcoin price declines in the near-term future.

• Recent reports have illustrated that institutional investors are betting on…

While the long-term outlook for Bitcoin remains extremely optimistic, several indicators are suggesting a high risk of a sharp sell-off in the coming weeks.

Quick take:

• Bitcoin is shaping up to have a higher risk of a sharp sell-off in the near-term as it trades beneath its 200 DMA and OBV trends downward

• The longer-term outlook for Bitcoin remains extremely optimistic as there is evidence of both smart money investing in the asset and macroeconomic conditions exacerbating

Volatility has certainly been reignited in the Bitcoin market with two significant price movements taking place last week. Last week wrapped up with…

Bitcoin Technical Analysis — Spike Observed in the Number of Addresses Holding 1,000 Bitcoin

Quick take:

• There has been a spike in the number of addresses holding greater than 1,000 Bitcoin suggesting that institutions may be accumulating

• An increase in fees preceded a price increase observed yesterday

• As Bitcoin mostly consolidated over the past week, the 200 DMA, 100 SMA, and Fibonacci retracement levels have all been worth monitoring

Bitcoin Consolidation Phase Within Wider Macro Bull Market?

Following from a week where an extraordinary two-day price jump was observed, last week’s price action was more subdued with long periods of consolidation. The extraordinary two-day price jump where price appreciated 42% open-to-high corresponded closely with Xi Jinping’s urge for the country to embrace blockchain technology.

This was one of those rare moments where a news development can be strongly linked with a price movement. Last week was devoid of such news catalysts. One analyst noted he believes bitcoin is currently in a prolonged consolidation phase inside of a wider macro bull market.

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin Price Performance — Price Rebounds Above the 200 DMA

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right. To a certain extent that has been true about Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general. Some early hacks of exchanges and other statements by regulators have quickly thrown a bucket of cold water on the crypto market and given people looking to finally dip their toe in the crypto waters a moment of pause.

The silver lining was that digital currencies and the underlying blockchain technology continued to get more and more mainstream media news coverage and consequently exposed more of the…

A Technical Analysis of Bitcoin

Quick Take:

  • Market Sentiment data shows investors have more pessimistic outlooks for Bitcoin price in Q4 when compared to the same stage in Q3
  • A significant depreciation recorded on the 24th of September resulted in bitcoin price dropping below several key levels, the 200 daily SMA chief among them

As Q4 progresses, bitcoin price prospects are significantly less optimistic than they were at this stage of Q3. In the first month of Q3, many market participants held outlooks that bitcoin price would continue to retest Q2 highs near $14,000. This outlook was given further strength as price appreciated early in July.


Since Bitcoin entered the collective consciousness on a massive scale in 2016, each year the cryptocurrency market has performed uniquely each year, sometimes in dramatic fashion. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise from $930 to nearly $20,000 was definitely the story of 2017, in addition to the massive market capitalization numbers of the entire market. 2018 was the beginning of crypto winter that saw a monumental clawback of individual prices and market cap.

So what will be the overall story for 2019? With 2 quarters posted in the books, much of the sideways trading activity has finally broken loose with some decent volatility…

In just a few short years, KuCoin Exchange has established itself as a reliable and cost-efficient resource for cryptocurrency traders around the globe. Established in Hong Kong in 2017, KuCoin prides itself on being “the people’s exchange” and simple to use. With over $250 million in daily trade volume, the exchange has proven to be fast, safe, and reliable.

Read on for a full review of features and about fees, security, and other important details.

Fiat and Cryptocurrencies Supported

While KuCoin does not have any trading pairs that include fiat currencies, the exchange does have numerous pairs that include stable…

Altcoins have severely underperformed bitcoin year-to-date but are they setting up for period of outperformance?

The overwhelming theme for the cryptocurrency markets since the start of Q2 2019 has been bitcoin recording extraordinary appreciation while altcoins largely lagged. This is an entirely different theme than the one observed for the majority of 2018. For long periods in 2018, altcoins outperformed bitcoin during periods of overall cryptocurrency market increases and underperformed during periods of overall market declines.

As bitcoin returns to sub-$10k territory, we analyse what catalysed the sharp sell-off and whether institutional investors are playing a role in recent rises.

Key developments over the past week;

Retail Investors Versus Institutional Investors in the Bitcoin Market

In last week’s analysis, we noted that a return to sub-$10k territory for bitcoin price could materialise in a significant sell-off in price. …

The DotCom heyday that started in the late 1990’s and continued into the early 2000’s brought about the prominence of the Initial Public Offering (IPO). Many believed this to be a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company’s stock as it was going public for the first time. What many did not realize is there were many insiders who had options to buy those shares at a discount prior to the actual IPO. These were the investors who really cashed in.

When ICOs became all the rage a few years ago it was somewhat reminiscent…


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