Are Institutions Accumulating Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Technical Analysis — Spike Observed in the Number of Addresses Holding 1,000 Bitcoin

Quick take:

• There has been a spike in the number of addresses holding greater than 1,000 Bitcoin suggesting that institutions may be accumulating

• An increase in fees preceded a price increase observed yesterday

• As Bitcoin mostly consolidated over the past week, the 200 DMA, 100 SMA, and Fibonacci retracement levels have all been worth monitoring

Bitcoin Consolidation Phase Within Wider Macro Bull Market?

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin Price Performance — Price Rebounds Above the 200 DMA

Bitcoin Daily Chart — Source:
Bitcoin Weekly Chart -Source:
Bitcoin price (left y-axis) superimposed with the percentage fees represent of total miner revenue (right y-axis); Source:

Are Institutions Accumulating Bitcoin?

The number of addresses holding at least 1,000 bitcoin;

Summary — Exciting Times Ahead for Bitcoin?

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