Dominic Machado | Analytics and Insights

At a time when Ecommerce is so competitive thanks to smartphone and internet penetration, the yesteryear model of retail, brick and mortar, is threatened. When products are available at the customer’s convenience at discounted rates, he is more likely to use the service as opposed to going to a store and buying it. Ecommerce companies typically encourage and enable consumerism through a combination of convenience and value. However, where pure-play online brands have a clear edge over offline stores is their ability to personalise customer interactions across the purchase cycle — from acquisition to…

by Sunny Vaswani| Analytics and Insights

While it’s easy to imagine the month of Ramadan as a freeze on most business transactions, the holy month actually sees increased activity in the retail sector; thereby offering a great window for brands to capture the attention of a massive audience and create personalized connections.

Analysts estimate that there is a 35.8% traffic surge brought by Ramadan campaigns on ecommerce platforms during this period with overall consumer spending seeing a healthy rise of 15% to 30%.

Now, this is where brands have a great opportunity to ride the rising retail wave. But what…

The role of Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Industry

Shaan Shivanandan | Product Designer | Capillary Technologies

Nike HyperAdapt series

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are slowly changing the way we look at retail. Manual processes of the past are now being automated for the future. The industry is moving ahead at a rapid pace, and we need to stay updated.

This week, for our Inspire’d session, Biplav, Senior Product Manager at Capillary Technologies, held a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Space. It was an amazing session, giving us an insight into the power of retail automation and the significance it holds today in the apparel industry.


Aishwarya Raman | Digital Transformation

There is a new breed of human that has emerged in this millennium; one whose smartphone is a vital extension of their limbs. They run their lives on technology. They can’t be fooled by a business’s deceptive advertising, fake promises, or substandard products because, like everything else they encounter, they will look it up. They know how crucial it is to share information with the rest of their world, so they will leverage the right medium and they will make sure their opinion is heard-which could be them singing praises for a new product they…

Dominic Machado| Analytics and Insights

There was a time when only brands with massive financial clout could afford to run major marketing campaigns, simply because Above the Line (ATL) marketing is resource intensive. All of that changed with the digital explosion; now your neighbourhood mom and pop store could launch a Facebook or Ad word campaign for as low as $50.

This resulted in an exponential rise in competition in the digital space for mindshare and customer loyalty. Unfortunately, the digital influx also pummeled consumer attention span to a meagre 8 seconds (a sharp decline from 12 seconds in 2000…

Crafting a unique illustrated story for products | Ravi Pudi , Capillary Editor, Design

About a year ago, we started to redesign one of our core product offerings at Capillary. The initial months went into rethinking the product and since then, we have refined the workflows & interactions. A large amount of effort went into defining the visual language. But the product still lacked something. We figured that we had to bring in some visuals to break the monotony of screens and tell a visual story of the product itself.

The visuals could help set the mood or explain the product context a little better. …

Aishwarya Raman | Loyalty|

It is no secret that a well-executed loyalty program has the ability to transform a business and fast-track growth. After all, sales in 2017 (a number predicted to increase to over 50% by 2022), brands and their loyalty programs must incorporate deep 40% of revenue today for US e-commerce retailers comes from returning customers who represent only 8% of all visitors. As the tides of technology change, so must loyalty programs merely to stay afloat. With mobile commerce accounting for over 30% of e-commerce retail analytics and the omnichannel experience to remain in the top tier.

Rajan Anandan, VP, Google, India & SEA | Richa Goswami, Head of Total Brand Experience, Asia Pacific, Johnson&Johnson

To attract, engage and retain the connected consumer, businesses need to look beyond conventional approaches and rely on technology to address changing consumer needs effectively. However, adopting technology alone is insufficient, the most significant change needed is in the mindset of business leaders.
#Ready showcased inspirational sessions on how Google, Amazon and leading investment firms like Sequoia, Warburg Pincus and Amex enable their leaders to succeed in a disruptive world.

Speaker : Rajan Anandan, VP, Google, India & SEA and Richa Goswami, Head of Total Brand Experience, Asia Pacific, Johnson&Johnson

Unlock 10X Innovation Google empowers its leaders by encouraging them to think…

Kapil Raj | Analytics and Insights

Let’s face it. Social media is a big deal. We’re all part of one social media or another, and oftentimes, social has become our primary source of news and information, having now almost completely replaced traditional sources such as television and newspaper, etc. At the same time, social media is a very personal and informal space where we mostly connect with people we know, along with content outlets as well as the brands we like.

In fact, social media is one of the most direct ways for any brand to connect with its consumers…

Dominic Machado| Content Manager, Marketing| Capillary Technologies

Sci-fi geeks previously mocked for their far-fetched ideas about robots taking over the world can today smugly say, ‘hah! Told you so.’ We are no longer at the cusp of an era of artificial intelligence; we are living in it. Our daily lives are peppered with gadgets that use voice recognition, search predictions, and facial recognition. …

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