Walking My Talk Weight Loss: Week 1

As a growing coach, and longtime marketer, I’ve spent my career giving advice, developing strategy, and driving activity. At this stage of my journey, life is in a place of uncertainty, challenges, and unique opportunities…all the components that go into a great coaching opportunity! I’ve been developing my own program, so to test my skills and my program, I’m taking myself on a 90-day intensive sojourn. I will be working on my health, my business, and my personal balance…and sharing it all with you!
Walking My Talk: Weight-Loss is my 90-day health makeover. This is one area of my personal life where I have yet to find success, but refuse to give up. In an effort to really lock down my accountability, I’ve partnered with Nutrition Scientific to meet my goals and test their products. Since this is clearly an area of my life where I struggle, I am now contractually obligated to stick to this goal. Join me, let’s see this transformation.

Week 1: Phew, I made it! And I think I stuck more closely to this plan over the course of the week than I have to, well, anything, for quite some time. You see, I am an obliger and a rebel which means I am most likely to do something if I have to, and I greatly prefer to do things my own way. I march to the beat of my own drummer, and sometimes rules and things like diet plans really rankle the free spirit in me.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Nutrition Scientific products. I was concerned that Insul 3-x might make me racy, like having too much caffeine. I tend to be sensitive to stimulants, and I definitely don’t need anything that will make me anxious or overly speedy. I am happy to report that I haven’t had any side-effect symptoms from the product. ProDigest-7 is definitely working its magic as well. I can feel that my digestion is changing for the better. The Omega Krill HB is also a good product. I’m sensitive to fish oil, and even other krill oil products have given me a bit of a shrimp-like aftertaste…ew. Omega Krill HB- does not. Good Stuff!

Now. I must devote a paragraph to the SkinnyMe Chocolates and Truffles. I.am.in.LOVE. Chocolate lovers rejoice. Finally, a sugar free chocolate that doesn’t taste like Splenda or cardboard. These chocolates are the real deal- high quality dark chocolate, and it shows in the taste. One square of the chocolates is 55 calories, and being a dark chocolate, one square is pretty satiating (ok, sometimes 2 squares for this chocolate lover). I did not feel deprived of my sweet treats, and I look forward to having a piece at the end of the day. Literally a sweet reward for sticking to the plan and eating clean during the day.

As for the nutrition plan, this is where I modified the most. Let that rebel flag fly! I’m not much for sticking to prescribed meal plans, but I made a great go of it this week. I really wanted to give the plan a solid chance. My biggest victory is the establishment of smoothies as a breakfast staple. The formula is simple: 1 scoop of SkinnyMe Vanilla Protein Powder; 1 cup of spinach (yes, spinach, no, you won’t taste it); 1 cup of fruit, usually berries; 1 cup of UNSWEETENED Almond Milk; ½ tbs of ground flax seed; some days I add ¼ of a banana. A few of the dinner recipes had things in them that I can’t eat, or just don’t like (Salmon- Yuck!) so those I modified. All the selections are tasty, and easy to prepare. When I don’t stick to Coach Rachel’s plan specifically, I made sure I follow the guidelines that the plan establishes. I stay within 1700 calories for the day, eat mostly veggies, protein, and some fruit.

I was actually under calories most days, consuming 1200 or less. This is a personal flaw people, do not follow my example. For one, I was struggling to eat that many salads…its quite the adjustment. I’ve also got a bad habit of skipping meals when I am busy at work. Tisk Tisk.

Unfortunately, I didn’t lose any poundage this week, but that’s not uncommon for me when I start a new program. I typically gain a few pounds the first week, and sure enough, the scale said I was up 5 lbs. I can’t stress about it though because I know I am doing the right ACTIONS, I know this is how my body reacts to changes. The lesson? Things will progress if I stick with it. Onward and upward my friends, this will happen!