Capital On Stage event — Amsterdam 2015

Investors, founders, leaders… The tech community is having more and more female entrepreneurs, especially within the last 3 years. Here at Capital On Stage, we value gender equality and we aim to encourage female founders and investors by inviting them to our global events. You go ladies!

Margaret, Katherine, Sally, Nancy, and Mae. Here is the crew of Lego NASA women. They are, for sure, more than forming a toy crew. These figures represent prominent women scientists. The inspiration comes from the real-life heroines of NASA.

Thousands of events are taking place throughout the year in the Netherlands. Although most of them are fun, organizing events can be quite painful, let’s say, with unexpected weather changes, changing participants and ticket sales. Our next guest Guy Kessels, the co-founder, and CEO of Hugo Events have a smart solution for that! Hugo Events has a fresh approach to fanbase management with event based surveys and email campaigning for organizers.

Hugo Events started its journey in January 2015. The aim of the team is clear: helping organizers get to know their audience better and become more engaged. …

We keep on ‘updating’ our StartUpdate series. We caught up with Bruno Ginnuth, one of the co-founders of CleverShuttle, the greenest and cheapest travel service in Germany. CleverShuttle takes you from door to door with clever #RideSharing, # Electromobility, and #SmartMobility.

We are 3 founders in the driver seat, says Bruno. They take all the responsibility, all the difficult tasks and problems to solve. But, at the end, celebrating all the success they have is the best part of this intense experience, for sure.

CleverShuttle grew bigger and bigger within the last 6 months. Now, they expanded to two cities…

Berlin is one of the leading startup hubs of Europe. The city is already attracting many visitors all around the world with its rich history and the diverse culture. Also, the local startup scene is growing bigger with young internationals and hi-tech entrepreneurs joining in. According to the McKinsey & Company report, Berlin’s growing startup sector could create 40,000 new jobs by 2020. Berlin’s young and vibrant startup culture make the city comparable with San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. In the meanwhile, Google and many other multinational companies already opened new offices there. Looking around, one can see all the perks…

The SaaS Co. Team

We continue our StartUpdate series with full speed. Our next guest is Peter Schlecht who is the co-founder and CEO of The SaaS Company. The SaaS Co. aims to make successful and positive sales easy for every business.

Sales is the engine of every company, and it is a struggle for many. That’s why The SaaS Co. comes with the promise of changing the way sales is done. The company was founded in 2014 in Germany and has expanded the market over Europe. During this process, finding their lead investor was a key step, as Peter mentions: “We found our…

Within the last years, the rapid growth of the Fintech industry and the improvements in the technology IPO market created a promising atmosphere for founders and investors. The number of media & communication companies also increased. Here at Capital On Stage, we decided to find out which Top 3 industries are raising the most venture capital.

Following successful events in Vienna and Rotterdam this year, we fast forward to the next ones. Leaving 2016 behind, PitchBook already mentioned that ‘fundraising in terms of total capital invested reached a record in Europe’ as depicted in their venture report. In the meanwhile…

We caught up with Geert-Jan Persoon, one of our alumni and co- founder of SignRequest. SignRequest is a platform that enables business professionals and their network to get documents signed easy, fast, legally binding and secured within a tailor made solution.

The company was founded in 2014. They now have users in over 25 countries while the number of users, at least ten folded since 2015. In October of 2016 SignRequest won the Dutch Legal Tech Award, rewarding their hard work. Putting it in Geert-Jans’ own words “there is a lot of growth going on”.

Dealing with a big competitor

Our first guest on StartUpdate series is Jan Ansink. As one of our alumni, Jan is the Founder of Volders, a company that promises full control over the contracts by saving enormous time to optimize costs and tariffs.

Volders was founded in 2014. Right before the company was founded, Jan got through the same process as many other startup founders — followed entrepreneurs through the events, gave a few interviews. At the end, he reached out an to investor directly, and the journey of Volders has started. We are curious to learn more, and Jan starts telling their story: “Started…

They don’t get funding. Straight up.

Martin Rosengaard, co-founder of Wooloo

With COSBER16 kicking off tomorrow Capital On Stage got in touch with a couple of our high-potential founders attending to dig a little deeper into what their looking for in Berlin apart from beer, schnitzle and girls in dirndls.

This evening’s read is Martin Rosengaard, Danish by name, artiste by nature, co- founder of Wooloo, an online forum for artists to get open calls and showcase their work.

We asked Martin how Wooloo came into being.

After school, a friend and I went backpacking and we met this programmer guy in Silicon Valley. I went to Goldsmiths in London, my…

Want to know what Bill Clinton, alumni donations and an event in Berlin have to do with each other? Even if you don’t, you might want to know about the latest cutting edge web and tech startups Europe has to offer. So keep reading.

In preparation for our Berlin event, we caught up with Funderful’s CEO and founder Raimond Kulbergs who will be attending and watching the investors pitch to him in our unique reverse- pitching format. Funderful is a fundraising toolset for universities designed to turn donating into a habit.. Aimed first at universities, Funderful aims to transform the way universities fundraise from their millennial alumni — tapping into the psychological needs of the donor, usually doubling and tripling university donor base. They are profitable, but are preparing for a funding round to speed up their growth.

Raimond, tell us about your journey…

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