I’m Sorry I Didn’t Respond to Your Email, My Husband Coughed to Death Two Years Ago
Rachel Ward

Sorry for your loss. I almost had a similar situation myself. On June 1 2013 I had a slight untamable headache for weeks. I was grouchy, coming tired from stressed work. I coughed so hard that I passed out with convulsions while laughing at a joke and hit the car on front. I was taken to the ER where I laughed about the incident and again I couldn’t stop laughing, coughing passing out and have convulsions again. I used to vape at the time.

8 doctors: cardio, ENT, neurologist, pneumologist, internal, etc etc made tests on me and they couldn’t detect anything until a virologist determined that it had been epstein barr with a megalovirus that had been resurged.

Did you know if Steve had any mononucleosis when younger and suffered of allergies that may have challenged his inmune system? If I had not been in the hospital 11 days, complications could have worsen. Sometimes things like these happen. So sorry about your loss.