I couldn’t find one mention of why GMO’s aren’t “good” for people in the NY Times article.
Alex Ciurej

The thing is individuals have never been given the choice to opt out of the experiment of ingesting GMO foods to make them glossy. I’ve never been asked if it is ok to have food being irradiated either in order to halt the time it takes to rot or speed the growth of it. There is a whole bunch of stuff being done to food in order to make it to the consumer through the distribution chain.

Maybe GMO or irradiating food makes the same difference it makes to irradiating a patient(benevolent change). However one could suspect that pesticides, irradiation, gmo could make it harder for bees and apicultors. There are good documentaries like “Vanishing of the Bees”, “More than honey” (to name just a few) that make us suspect that the shit hit the fan and we have to change it for the better and choose a chain that cares.

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