Are you writing about the third world war

that hasn’t happened?

Are you warning of the future

with your new ‘1984’?

Are you writing feel-good romances

or a hopeless poet’s tragedy?

Maybe neither?

why are you writing?

Is it just that fun

when you see these visions in your head

lose all their power within language’s limits?

Surely there’d be a way of saying everything I saw

if only I could draw

“It’s 50 percent of all language

and it’s almost all made up,”

said David Griffin

while Joseph Salina

(without the ’T’)

demanded objective constructions

out of my charcoal renderings.

Such accuracy and patience

to me was unheard,

but still he quipped

“the hand must be as keen as the eye

when it meets the mind’s light

to record”

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