GameFi Conf 2022 Wrap Up by Capscoin

The CapsCoin team was excited to be joining GameFi Conf and shared a lot of awesome insights.

Our strategic plans are far from the average. It’s not easy for the game developers to get into NFT games from scratch and we know how to help them. Now we are excited to release our platform.

We have worked hard and integrated a number of the unique solutions. So far the industry may look bizarre and sketchy, but everything is gonna be changed pretty soon.

The CapsCoin law department had a conversation about the NFT-games and government regulators. It was said that there is still an unclear situation about the intellectual properties and the legitimacy of blockchain gaming overall.

Then was a turn of Vladislav Pestrikov (CapsСoin, CEO) to share his presentation about CapsCoin platform​​. Let’s wrap up the most important topics.

Vladislav Pestricov explained that CapsСoin collaborates with lawyers from different jurisdictions because there is no one single solution on the market. He pointed out, that the play-to-earn industry must accept the thesis that the regulations will be constantly changing. The best advice is always to look forward and the best thing you can do is to make friends with lawyers. So far there are no certain things on what to do and not to do in the blockchain gaming industry, so it’s thrilling what’s gonna be next. You just have to be one step further and always be ready.

Vladislav also had his speech on how blockchain benefits gamers. “The concept of NFT games stands out from everything we have seen before. People will connect with games much deeper. What we mean is that overall it’s gonna change the human perception when it comes to the metaverse, because dopamine system does not see a huge difference with VR technologies”. Fair enough!

CapsCoin CEO pointed out that when the market is a little over a year old and it’s mostly based on Wild West and pro-hype, we should not look for successful model, but test all of them.

It’s gotta be saying that CapsCoin aims to help game studious to integrate NFT mechanics into their games. It’s definitely worth putting effort into that field.

Also, Vladislav took part in a discussion “What the tokenomics is about” and said that the blockchain gaming leads us to new opportunities for generating high-quality products and content.

That’s all for today. Follow us on Twitter, Telegram and etc. Cheers!




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