How can cure your back pain-chili patch

KONGDY Chili pain patch for the temporary relief of mild to moderate muscles and joints aches and pains associated with arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and simple backache.
 A patch coated with a chemical derived from chili paste is successfully treating one of the most common causes of long-term pain. 
 KONGDY chill pain patch contains a very high dose of capsaicin, the substance that gives red chilli peppers their ‘heat’ and also acts on nerve pain.It is used to treat peripheral neuropathic pain, which stems from damage to the nerves located just below the skin. 
 Previously, patients were forced to rely on large doses of painkillers to get them through the day and night. ‘This pain is a silent epidemic,’ says Dr Hanna, who believes as many as one in 20 adults may be suffering.
 The 8% capsaicin patch uses a synthetic form of capsaicin, the substance that gives chili peppers their heat, to dull pain-sensing nerves in the skin.
 KONGDY chill Pain Relief Patch features a Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS), whereby an anti-inflammatory medicine is spread across an ultra-thin and highly stretchable piece of cloth, that when applied directly to the skin enables the anti-inflammatory medicine to be delivered directly to the site of pain.

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