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Practitioner of Witchy Woo-woo, wanderlust enthusiast, and bona fide book nerd. Words in Elephant Journal, Blavity, etc. Contact:

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It’s an arduous task but someone has to do it

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Hey there readers!

What it’s like suffering from antidepressant-induced female sexual dysfunction

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You don’t have to wait for life to resume its natural course; you can have a taste of wanderlust right from your living room.

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#1 The same support system I had while I was living at home.

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If you’re allowing someone to control how you think and behave then you’re more reactive and here’s why you need to be responsive instead.

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Having sex after experiencing traumatic sex can lead to further trauma, so, it’s best to be open and honest with a new partner as part of your healing.

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On the higher prevalence of mental health disorders among bisexuals compared to heterosexuals and other LGBTQ members.

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