What is Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?

Portfolio Management Service or PMS is the method of managing your securities and assets in a Professional manner. It includes Professionally managing an Individual’s and company’s securities such as stocks and bonds and other assets like Real Estate. The management is executed in accordance with a specific investment goal and investment profile and takes into consideration the level of risk, diversification, period of investment and maturity (i.e. when the returns are needed or desired) that the investor seeks.

PMS was initially very famous in Bull market on 2005–2008 but faced accusations of misuse. Many were not registered and indulged in heavy churning; After that, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, or Sebi, introduced stringent regulations. Among other things, it raised the minimum investment limit from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. It also banned pooling of accounts of different investors.

PMS can be more aggressive and has the potential to generate higher returns.Expense ratio disclosures of Portfolio Management Service are transparent as each client signs a specific fee structure and receives a monthly detail of charge levied on the portfolio.

Portfolio Management service

Why Should you Invest your PMS with Capstocks?

CAPSTOCKS , Top performers in PMS, Portfolio Management team keeps track of the markets on a daily basis and has at its disposal a lot of information and analytical tools which an investor would not normally have access to. Also the investor does not have to go through the grind of analysing balance sheets, income statements or financial ratios himself. Other technicalities pertaining to shares like dividends, rights, bonus, buy-back, mergers and acquisitions are also be taken care of by us. Clients can interact with the Portfolio Manager, clear their queries and give their suggestions. We offer the Best PMS service in India. We do not have any Lock-in period thereby offering flexible investment.

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